Getting inspiration by experimenting, changing course

So already a week and a half ago I purchased ifsoGUI and only today I finally found (made) some time to experiment with it. I’ve read the examples and they were all very clear, but you don’t actually learn anything without experiencing it first hand. The API of ifsoGUI very much resembles that of MaxGUI so it’s very straightforward. With the only exception that besides using an event queue you can also use callbacks for every gadget. These callbacks get executed as soon as an event gets fired for the gadget. Powerful stuff.

Anyway, playing with ifsoGUI inspired me with new game ideas. My mind started to do some creative thinking again. Something I haven’t had for a long time. It’s nice to know that’s not gone yet and it’s very neat how an idea can evolve inside your head. Today I finally realized that I should change the genre of games I should try to create, or at least start with. I’ve been mainly focused on airplane/spaceship dogfighting games which is a genre I enjoy playing, but am currently bad at creating. It took me 3 prototypes to realize I’m not cut out yet for this genre. Of which the first two took more time than a prototype should take. For the third prototype I only invested a couple of hours. I realized I was doing the same thing over again and terminated it.

ifsoGUI inspired me to start thinking about a completely different genre. With the ease of creating  panels, buttons, sliders, text boxes and all I started visualizing how easy it would be to create small little windows to manage lots of objects. So in other words, micro-management. I’ve always enjoyed playing Tycoon type games, like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. I don’t play these game a lot anymore because they consume way too much time. But I’ve spend a lot of hours on it in the past already and it’s a fun genre.

So I suppose I’m changing my direction to set course to a new destination!

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