Wacom Intuos Pen lags in Lightroom when adjusting sliders

I haven’t been using my Wacom Intuos Pen & Tablet with Adobe Lightroom for a while now since adjusting sliders and using the adjustment brush would lag and stutter a lot. I blamed it on Lightroom because well, it’s kinda slow! But I found out that it’s actually a setting of the Wacom Intuous Pen …

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Not too long ago I talked about an alternative for my Rackspace Cloud Files Sync application. Recently I moved my pictures and videos over to Microsoft OneDrive. I also use Dropbox but for my disk usage I found it to be a bit too expensive. With OneDrive I get 100GB for € 1.99 a month …

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Photography website

Photography always intrigued me. So I decided to create a new website Photos by Christiaan Kras where I’ll be uploading photos to from time to time. I started out with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W35 which I’ve used for almost 7 years. My second camera was an Olympus SH-21 and even though I did manage to take a …

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