Rackspace Cloud Files Sync v1.04 released

Shortly after the 1.03 release Rackspace Cloud Files Sync has been updated to version 1.04 and was just released minutes ago.

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync is a small application one can use to create a online backup of any directory on your Windows PC. It’s also possible to restore a backup back to your hard disk. Its main purpose is to keep a online backup of your most important files, like documents, photo’s and video’s.

This release comes with a few nice features. For starters you can now select which location you want to login to: USA or UK. Now people with a UK account can start using Rackspace Cloud Files Sync as well.

Further more restoration of a backup has been fixed. Due to a path mismatch it would delete all files in the local directory regardless if they would be in the online archive. This has now been fixed, making it a true sync operation again.

The most exciting feature though is the ability to turn off the Checksum Check. When this feature is enabled the application will make sure that the contents of the local file and remote file are equal. If not, it’ll overwrite the file. This greatly speeds up syncing a directory to a Cloud Files container and is especially helpful for directories of which the contents don’t change and only new files are added to it, such as photo archives.

Both changing the login location/server and Checksum Check can be done at the setup screen.


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