Maximus 1.1.0 released

Maximus has just reached milestone 1.1.0. Maximus is a module manager for BlitzMax. Its purpose is to ease management and installation of BlitzMax modules, giving the developer more time to spend on developing, and not manually installing and downloading modules and their dependencies.

The most notable new addition to this release is a full fledged graphical user interface in the form of Maximus GUI. This makes Maximus a lot more user friendly for those who aren’t too keen on a command line interface (CLI). Maximus still comes as a CLI application, but for those who prefer a GUI there’s maximus-gui to use.

Users who want to upgrade to 1.1.0 and make use of the GUI version (as well as some other minor changes) should download the Maximus client.

Also, for this release I would like to thank Jens for providing me with version 5.4 of Logic GUI. Maximus GUI has been build with it and couldn’t have been developed this quickly without it. If you’re a BlitzMax programmer that uses MaxGUI you should, without question, buy Logic GUI.

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