Hook up your guitar to GarageBand on iPad with your Rocksmith Real Tone Cable

Do you own an iPad? Have you got GarageBand installed on it? And do you per change own the game Rocksmith (for PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3) with the included Real Tone Cable? Yes? Good!

Now go get yourself a (cheap) USB adapter for your iPad so you can hook up your Real Tone Cable to it. These adapters can be bought cheap online from DealExtreme. Yes, you can use the official adapter by Apple which is of better quality but also a lot more expensive.

With your guitar connected to your iPad you can start recording with GarageBand. GarageBand also comes with a lot of guitar amplifiers and stomp boxes for added effects. Don’t quite like the result of your recording? Simply modify the amp settings or change the amp all together.

Using GarageBand with your guitar is a lot of fun as it opens up a lot of possibilities to try things out and just have fun. For one you can record a solo, duplicate the track and change some amp settings and et voilĂ  you’ve got a double guitar solo going on!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this for the past two weeks. I could also connect my acoustic guitar and even with the non-clean amp stacks it still sounded really nice. And with the Smart Guitar, Smart Bass and Drumkit you can quickly create a backing track to which you can jam on.

The Real Tone Cable has been in my possession since the Dutch/European release of Rocksmith and I only wished I had gotten this USB adapter for my iPad sooner.

7 thoughts on “Hook up your guitar to GarageBand on iPad with your Rocksmith Real Tone Cable”

  1. I have the apple camera connect, real tone cable, guitar link and the irig…I like the irig the best out of the 3 but am looking towards the irig midi but the rocksmith cable does work.

  2. A fairly cheap interface u use to connect your guitar to your ios device.ik multimedia.

  3. If u haven’t found out by now it’s a apparatus used to connect your guitar or midi device to ur ipad or iphone…get the pro if u get one.

  4. Ugh_so complicated

    Hi there! How would you connect a guitar through the real tone cable to a macbook with Garageband?

  5. Just connect the cable to the USB port of your Mac? Not sure if the cable actually works on Mac though.

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