htbaapub.zmq 0.02 released – ZeroMQ for BlitzMax

This is just a short announcement on my Blog to let people know I’ve been busy wrapping ZeroMQ (or ZMQ) for BlitzMax. The result of this a new module called htbaapub.zmq. It’s available from the Maximus website, meaning you can install it using Maximus. If you rather fetch the Git repository that’s possible as well.

The module is still very much a Work In Progress. Most of ZMQ’s functions are available from BlitzMax and both Windows and Linux are supported. It should work fine on a Mac as well, but I’m unable to verify since I don’t actually own one.

A couple of examples are included as well. Have fun playing with ZMQ and if you encounter any bugs, please report them. I’ll then be able to look into fixing them.

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