Life without Google Reader

It’s been about three months now since Google decided to pull the plug on Google Reader, a much used RSS reader. A couple of reasons I’ve heard was that RSS is being used less and less and instead people were now using Twitter and Google+ (does anyone use G+?). Now some months later I’m still not using Google+ to stay up to date with news from the different websites and blogs I was following. Some of it shows up on Twitter, but that’s only a small selection usually.

But instead of using Google+ and Twitter I stay updated through my subscriptions to several Weekly-newsletters. And to be honest, I’m grateful Google decided to suspend Reader. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Reader but my mind has gotten more peaceful since I no longer feel the urge to check Reader (or Reeder on iPad) several times a day.

I of course didn’t accept the retirement of Reader right away and had to feed my need for RSS feed reading. I tried several other RSS readers such as Feedly and Tiny Tiny RSS. Of the latter I had an instance running on a free Red Had OpenShift cloud server, but because it was running into disk space usage problems it ceased to work. It was also slow, though I blame the cheap servers for that. As for Feedly, well, it was no Google Reader.

So no, I’m not missing Google Reader. Though some websites could do more with posting article updates to Twitter. But I might have a solution for that…

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