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Twitter update?

I’m checking if my freshly installed Twit-update plugin works. If all is well it should have added a new tweet to my account.

Now all you faithful followers will be updated when I post a new blog entry or edit one!

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  • Glad to see it being put to good use 😀

    Let me know if it gives you any trouble.

  • I just posted a little feature request on your website.

    One thing I do wonder though, how did you got notified of my site using your plugin?

  • Well technically I didn’t get notified you were using it, I was notified you linked back. WordPress’s pingback in action. It notifies you when other blogs link to one of your posts. 😀

    It showed up here: http://software.o-o.ro/twit-update/#comment-64
    There’s some info on it here: http://faq.wordpress.net/view.php?p=22

    Now hopefully this comment won’t get blocked by the spamguard since it has 2 links in it.

  • Ah cool, didn’t know that :-). That’s a neat feature!

  • Also I noticed I’m not getting any kind of notifications when you reply. May I recommend this comment plugin? It’s the same one I use on my site.


  • Thanks. I just added it.