Server move

Yesterday the provider that hosted my blog let someone loose on the MySQL database causing my website to be unavailable. It was that very moment I decided I had enough of shared hosting.

I’ve moved the website to a Rackspace CloudServer, which basically is a VPS of which I have full control. It’s a lot faster than the previous host, although not as fast as I had hoped. But that could very well be the fault of WordPress.

I’ll let it run like this for a month. If costs do rise above $20 a month then I’ll move to a proper VPS from Linode. Why? More ram, more traffic and more space for the same amount of money.

I’m currently running nginx. First time I’m using this so am still having some problems. So don’t expect everything to work 100%.

Update: I’m now using lighttpd instead of nginx, but performance seems worse. The strange bugs got fixed though.

Update 2: Now it is…  curl wasn’t installed 🙂

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