Entering the Iron Man Blogging Challenge

I’ve decided I should enter the Iron Man Blogging Challenge. Basically what you have to do is write 4 Perl related posts within 32 days, with a maximum interval of 10 days between every post. What’s in it for me? If I keep up with the frequency I get a cool badge to put on my blog. But mostly it’s a way for me to focus on Perl and expand my Perl knowledge. The ultimate goal for the Iron Man Blogging Challenge is to promote Perl, which is always a good thing.

The plan currently is to blog about all that’s hot in the Perl web development world; Plack/PSGI, Dancer, Mojolicious and what not. Aside from that I really need to learn about all other cool Perl features I’ve had to miss whilst programming PHP for over 3,5 years full time. Programming in PHP for that long is no fun at all and am glad I was able to convince my boss to use Perl for future projects, making me a happy programmer again.

Besides professionally I also do some programming in my free time. Am a fan of BlitzMax, a BASIC flavor with OOP support, for which I’m working on a Catalyst based website (Maximus) which is supposed to be a lightweight CPAN, but for BlitzMax. I’ve written various BlitzMax modules as well. Am also a CPAN author (CKRAS), maintaining a couple of modules. Of which my first, Mollie::Micropayment, showed horrible influence of PHP. It works, but it’s not pretty.

So, that should do it for my first post. Will try to write a blog post for the challenge every week now.

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