fsm.mod updated to 1.01

Today I updated fsm.mod to version 1.01. This update contains a small example demonstrating creating a FSM machine with 2 states and how to transition between them. The documentation has also been updated. Download fsm.mod 1.01

Getting inspiration by experimenting, changing course

So already a week and a half ago I purchased ifsoGUI and only today I finally found (made) some time to experiment with it. I’ve read the examples and they were all very clear, but you don’t actually learn anything without experiencing it first hand. The API of ifsoGUI very much resembles that of MaxGUI …

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I just purchased ifsoGUI

I had been looking for a nice library to create in-game graphical user interfaces but couldn’t find any BlitzMax module I liked. I’ve looked at FryGUI in the past but decided not to use it. The examples were impressive enough but I wasn’t under the impression that it’s being actively maintained. CEGUI, wrapped by Brucey, …

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