WebService::Rackspace::CloudFiles 1.01 released

I’ve just released a new version of WebService::Rackspace::CloudFiles, namely version 1.01. It should appear on your favorite CPAN mirror soon. If you really can’t wait you can get it from GitHub.

This releases fixes some issues with HEAD requests. Although the module fully implemented the specification supplied by Rackspace it turned out that their specification wasn’t up to date. In short what happened was that instead of returning a response code of 204 with HEAD requests they would in some places return a 200 response code. Instead of checking for these exact response codes (for HEAD requests at least) the module now accepts a Successful response (2xx).

I’ve reported the problem with the inconsistent response codes at Rackspace and they’ve told me that all HEAD requests will be returning a 200 response code in the future and that they’ve yet to update their developer documentation.

Anyone using either WebService::Rackspace::Cloudfiles 1.00 or any version of Net::Mosso::CloudFiles I recommend upgrading to this new release as both modules aren’t fully working anymore.

2 thoughts on “WebService::Rackspace::CloudFiles 1.01 released”

  1. Hello! Is it alright that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to read your domain on my iPad but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Trinidad

  2. Hi Trinidad. Most of the time this theme doesn’t even display well in normal browsers. I had a nice one, but thanks to the spaghetti called WordPress I’m unable to use it anymore.

    Still looking for a nice theme though. Also, since I don’t own a iPad I can’t test it. But you’re more than welcome to sponsor me one 🙂 .

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