Template fragments with Mojolicious

If you’re using the excellent htmx library for adding interactivity to your website or webapp you greatly benefit from using a templating engine that supports rendering fragments (I suggest reading this first if you don’t know yet about fragments and why they’re useful, especially in the context of htmx). Using fragments you’ll be able to …

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Propel ORM for PHP

For the last couple of weeks I’ve have been working with Propel ORM for PHP and have really enjoyed using it. Coming from Perl I’m spoiled because it has DBIx::Class which is my ORM by choice and makes fetching data from your SQL database including relational data a breeze. Propel does a really nice job with this …

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Maximus has been taken down

As of today Maximus, the BlitzMax Module Manager, has been taken down. I’ve blogged about this some time ago and today I’ve decided it was finally time to go through with it. The website now redirects to the GitHub organization that hosts the code for the client and the website. These will still be available …

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