Purple/pink screen with HDMI-out on ASUS1215B with AMD E-350 APU

Yesterday I decided to hook up my ASUS 1215B Eee PC to my LED TV through HDMI to watch some videos. I’ve used my netbook a lot for this task and thus far without any issues (aside from not being able to play 1080p video properly, even though the AMD E-350 APU shouldn’t have too much trouble with this…). But last night the screen had a purple/pink tint to it. I noticed this earlier this week as well but it didn’t seem to be as bad as it was this time.

To be sure it wasn’t my HDMI cable that was causing it I swapped it with another one, but it still gave me a purple picture. After some digging around I found the advice to download new video card drivers from the AMD website, instead of using those provided by ASUS. So after downloading these and installing them I was able to watch my videos in their normal colors.

Solution: download latest drivers from the AMD website.

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