July 2011

Maximus 1.0.0 released

On the 25th of February 2010 a new BlitzMax project was started, called Maximus. After almost one year and a half of on and off development the client application finally reached version 1.0.0. The webapplication for the project reached 1.0.0 a little while ago. Maximus is a module manager for BlitzMax. Its purpose is to …

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Git mirrors of Subversion hosted BlitzMax modules

For a while now I’ve been keeping a Git mirror of bah.mod updated on GitHub. I’ve now moved this repository from my account to the BlitzMaxModules organization. Aside from bah.mod I’m now also mirroring rigz.mod and maxgui.mod. If there are any other Subversion hosted BlitzMax modules you want to see mirrored on GitHub let me …

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Maximus elsewhere

The Maximus website has recently been (silently) launched as the 1.0.0 milestone has been reached. Note that the Maximus client is now in public beta and is at version 0.9.0. Be sure to try it out if you use BlitzMax. Aside from the official website here are some links where Maximus can be found elsewhere on …

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