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2 Months have passed

2 Months ago I quit my full time job so I could go back to school and get my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or Engineering rather, I think the line is a bit vague at my school). In these 2 months I’ve been working part time (about 2 hours a day, sometimes a bit more, or less) and have been taking it easy. Very easy :-).

I really enjoyed these 2 months off and have been able to get back to a more relaxed state of mind, although a month (or two?) extra would’ve been nice as well. But, since life expenses don’t take a break I couldn’t really permit much more time off (technically I could pay for it, but I chose not to). In these 2 months I got to spend a lot of time with my dog which I greatly enjoyed. I also got to do other stuff I was postponing for a long time as well. I finally started with learning me some Haskell, released Maximus and later on a GUI for it as well. I’ve been picking up the guitar again, but have to be careful not to force my hands too much. Don’t want the pain in my hands to return.

These 2 months have also brought misery. After only 1.5 week my mother suffered from a Myocardial infarction. If help would’ve come only a bit too late (or not at all… she amazingly enough made the right decisions and must’ve had an angel on her shoulder and has been very strong to push through) it would’ve ended in certain death… Later in August she got struck again. This time by a pre-stage of a Myocardial infarction. Again, this time help was available soon and she was flown to a hospital. Although stabilized, the next day she got another Percutaneous coronary intervention (which was due to happen anyway, this was clear when the infarction happened). The next day she got released from the hospital and has been doing better.

Earlier this week my dog started to cripple. 4 Weeks earlier he stepped out of the car, but made a misstep and smacked to the ground. He was cripple, but it went away after a couple of days. This time however, it didn’t seem to restore. After bringing him to the veterinarian it was clear he had a fracture in his elbow. Because he’s an old(er) dog surgery isn’t the first choice. So he’s now getting pain medication and the fracture has to restore by itself.

With all that has happened I’ve got mixed feelings about my 2 months ‘off’. I’m starting to think it somehow was meant to be for me to be at home for the things that were to happen. Aside from the not so fun things that happened, I’m glad I did take 2 months ‘off’ before starting school.

Today was introduction day. Got to meet most of my classmates, got a tour through the building, was handed my timetable (which looks rather nice for now) and had my picture taken. Luckily I’m not the oldest dude around. At least, that’s what I think. Some look older than me :-).

My full time job ended yesterday

Yesterday marked the final day of working full time for 4 years and 3 months. I started at the company with an internship for 5 months. About 1.5 months after that I got hired as a webapplication developer, got my contract renewed after 6 months and within a year after that I got a contract for an undecided period of time. Within the first year my colleague left the company and I was left to run the internet/website department myself.

Though originally hired as a webapplication developer lots of other tasks were added later as well. Server- and project management, web- and email hosting services, general support to clients, starting up projects from A to Z with clients and lots more.

The amount of knowledge and skills I’ve gained in this short time has been immense and is something I couldn’t have gotten from any school. It has been one hell of a fun ride. Yes, it has had a couple of downsides from time to time but the positives by far outweigh the negatives.

As I’ve blogged before I’m going back to school to get my bachelors degree in computer science, which will start early September. So I’ve got about 2 months of free time. I’m still working for the company based on a 0-hour contract. Basically that means I’m a freelancer for the company without all the hassles. But I might change that after some time. Will have to see.

So far everyone in my environment responded very positive about my decision, aside from my grandmother. And although I love her, I don’t care for anyone’s opinion on this for that matter. I’m responsible for my own future and career. But other than that people important to me are proud of my decision and support me in it.

Do I have any regrets for working for over 4 years and not getting my bachelors degree earlier? Hell no! As I said the amount of experience and skills I’ve gained were totally worth it. And aside from that I’ve now got a nice bit of savings on my bank account as well.

Aside from doing a little bit of work the coming 2 months I also plan on doing some more self improvement. Such as finally getting started with some serious Haskell and refreshing my mathematical knowledge. Of course there’s also time for some relaxation ;-).

I’m sure these 2 months will fly by soon enough so I’ll try to enjoy this time. After that a new challenge awaits me which I’m eager to start with.

Signed my new contract

Yesterday I got to turn in my notice and sign my new contract. Which mean it’s official now: beginning 1st of July I’ll no longer will be working full-time 40-hour workweeks. My contract is what we call a 0-hour contract, meaning that I only have to work if there’s actually something to do, and at times I see fit. With my study beginning in September this is the perfect job to have on the side for some extra income.

Now all that’s left is the school I’m going to attend to send me confirmation of me signing up!

I’m going back to school!

A couple of months ago I made the decision to resign from my job so I could go back to school again and get myself a bachelors degree in computer science and perhaps after that a master degree. After talking it through with my boss (I’ve been working fulltime for almost 4 years now) we came to the agreement that instead of resigning I could keep working for the company based on a zero-hour contract.

Meaning that in my spare time, and if time allows it e.g. studying for exams, I can work on some client or internal projects. Aside from that I’ll still be providing maintenance services for the webservers we’re running. That way the company can keep providing its services to its customers and I still get a little bit of income to pay my bills and stuff like that.

Other bonuses should include the companies annual Christmas dinner party and working from home. Which I both like, and the latter probably most. And being a student again means having lots of school vacations as well.

So, going back to school after working 4+ years is going to be quite a change and maybe a challenge as well. We’ll see. I’m super excited and curious about what the future will bring. One could say this is my biggest change (goal even) for 2011!

Only thing that could mess up my plans are my messed up hands. The pain in the bones and joints is actually getting worse again since 2 weeks ago. Although the possible cause has been identified, and that’s a HUGE lack of vitamin-D. So I’m currently restocking on that now and hoping that will fix my health problems. I’ve got till the 1st of July because that’s when my full-time contract will be changed to a zero-hour contract and only 8 weeks after that or so my study will commence.