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Trying out Digital Ocean

I’m currently trying out a Digital Ocean VPS for a soon to launch Software as a Service I’m currently working on. So far I’m really liking it. The VPS (a 1GB droplet) is fast and is performing nicely.

This is also the first time I’m using Chef to provision the server. Chef is working nicely but I did had to do some manual installation and removal of specific Ruby gems. I’m still not entirely convinced about using Chef for this but that’s mostly because there’s a lot left to learn such as data bags.

My only complaint so far is that Digtal Ocean didn’t let me create a droplet (VPS) in Amsterdam. When working remotely via SSH the network latency (though only about 100ms) can get really annoying.

Aside from that I’m liking it!

Update: not long after this post Digital Ocean announced they had expanded their Amsterdam data center!

Moving servers again

After a few months (81 days to be precise) of using Rackspace Cloud Servers I’ve decided to move to a normal VPS server. My new provider will be Tilaa, a Dutch company. They’re cheap and quality so far is great with great Ping times.

I’ve disabled comments for the time being. As soon as you’ll see comments enabled again it means the move has succeeded.

Update: If you’re reading this then it means the move was completed and you can comment again.

A month has passed since moving to Rackspace Cloud Servers

A month has passed since I’ve moved to a Cloud Server from Rackspace and so far I’m pleased with the whole experience.

It did take a bit of tweaking before I got everything working the way I wanted. This mostly consisted of properly configuring PHP FastCGI as it’s a big resource eater. Another help was making sure that lighttpd is adding proper ETag’s and expire headers. On the WordPress side I was able to configure the WP-SuperCache which takes away some page generation overhead as well.

For the time being I’ll let Rackspace provide me a Cloud Server. I don’t generate that much traffic yet to convince myself to move to Linode, which has bigger VPS servers (more RAM, traffic and storage) for better prices.