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Disabling hiberfil.sys on Windows 7

Hibernation is enabled by default on Windows 7 and Vista. But on a desktop system you usually don’t make use of hibernation. To disable it run a┬ácommand line┬áprompt (Windows Key + R, type cmd) and enter the following command: powercfg.exe -h off.

On systems with a lot of memory this can free up a lot of disk space.


One feature of Windows 7 I like is the new taskbar. At work I’ve configured it to only show the icons and this works surprisingly well. I can easily have multiple command line shells open. However, that is work. At home I’m using Windows Vista and the grouping feature in Windows XP and Vista at the toolbar is something I always turn off, as it annoys me to no end.

But when I’m working on some Perl related stuff I usually have multiple consoles open. One for my Catalyst test server, one for Gearman and another one for my Gearman worker. As mentioned earlier having multiple consoles open is a major pain in the ass on Windows Vista (or XP). So I’ve taken a quick look on the internet and found this lovely open source project called Console2.

Console2 is a simple but powerful tool. It allows me to have multiple consoles open with tabular navigation. Which results in only 1 window open. Yay!