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vimdiff shorcut keys

I usually use KDiff3 when viewing the differences between files and merging stuff together. But from time to time I’ve found vimdiff to be a nice alternative, especially when I’m logged in through SSH on a server. The problem is I don’t use it that often so I tend to forget the key combinations. So instead I listed them here for future reference.

  • do – diff obtain
  • dp – diff put
  • [c – previous difference
  • ]c – next difference
  • :diffupdate – diff update
  • :syntax off – syntax off
  • zo – open folded text
  • zc – close folded text

Original source: http://hack2live.blogspot.nl/2009/02/vimdiff-shortcut-keys.html

Configure Git on Windows to use KDiff3

Something I don’t do often and always forget is how to setup msysgit to use KDiff3 as its merge tool.

To get it done edit your .gitconfig and add the following:

  1. [merge]
  2.     tool = kdiff3
  3. [mergetool "kdiff3"]
  4.     path = C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe
  5.     keepBackup = false
  6.     trustExitCode = false