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I’ve released a new version of which contains a fix that normally makes libcurl generate an error.

When doing a HEAD request the server is supposed to return the same headers as when a GET request is being done. This also includes the Content-Length header. cURL however complains that the reported Content-Length couldn’t be read and generates a CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE (18) error. would simply throw an exception when cURL generated an error. Now this specific case is being ignored. So all HEAD requests which generate the CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE (18) error will succeed, as it’s supposed to.

This was fixed in version 1.05 but shortly after that I released 1.06 which includes the latest OpenSSL DLL’s (version

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync 1.01 released

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync 1.01 was released today. Due to undocumented changes in the Cloud Files API the Sync application stopped working. Making backups and recovering them should now work again once more.

htbaapub.rackspacecloudfiles v1.08 released

I’ve updated htbaapub.rackspacecloudfiles to version 1.08 to support the undocumented changes to the Cloud Files API. This release depends on the version 1.04 of v1.04 released

My REST module has been updated with a set of response code helper methods. Instead of doing a precise check on the status code (e.g. 202) you can now check if it’s inside the 2xx range. This release brings the IsInfo(), IsSuccess(), IsError(), IsRedirect(), IsClientError() and IsServerError() helper methods.

htbaapub.mod updated to 1.08

htbaapub.mod got updated to version 1.08 today. This version contains a version 1.03 of rest.mod.

Download htbaapub.mod 1.08 (contains source code of all modules)