New blog design

Starting the today this blog is using a new design. I think this new design looks a lot more modern than the previous one did.

There’s still room for improvement though as a single request to theĀ front pageĀ seems to generate over 130 HTTP requests. This is a bit too much to my taste so I’ll be looking into bringing this amount back to something more sane. Most requests are generated by the social widgets that are on my website.

Another thing I improved was adding Varnish PURGE support. By enabling that the cache will be reset every time I add or update a page. Should work for comments as well. Speaking of comments, the current system is likely to be replaced by Disqus. I’ve never really liked how the comment system works and Akismet is letting more and more spam getting through.

Also back is an RSS icon (see bottom of the site). Some of the link categories have also been removed from the sidebar, as well as the full site navigation which can be found at the top of the website.

Expect several more changes coming in the next days as I’ll be ironing out the flaws. Any comments and suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.

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