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Hierarchy supported goals with goal.mod

Freshly released out of my private repository htbaa.mod is goal.mod, now available in htbaapub.mod 1.05!

What does it do? Well, let me quote myself:

This module enables you to create A.I. agents with hierarchy supported goals.

So go get goal.mod if you can use it.

rackspacecloudfiles.mod now supports metadata

The latest update of rackspacecloudfiles.mod, version 1.06, comes with metadata support for objects. You can now retrieve metadata and set it. Setting metadata can be done when uploading a file or you can change it on existing objects.

htbaapub.mod updated to 1.03

htbaapub.mod got updated to version 1.03 today.

This version contains an updated fsm.mod, rest.mod and rackspacecloudfiles.mod. If you use any of these modules I recommend updating.

Download htbaapub.mod 1.03 (contains source code of all modules)

fsm.mod updated to 1.01

Today I updated fsm.mod to version 1.01.

This update contains a small example demonstrating creating a FSM machine with 2 states and how to transition between them. The documentation has also been updated.

Download fsm.mod 1.01