April 2013

New blog design

Starting the today this blog is using a new design. I think this new design looks a lot more modern than the previous one did. There’s still room for improvement though as a single request to the front page seems to generate over 130 HTTP requests. This is a bit too much to my taste so I’ll …

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Vim essentials: Ack

Ack is a tool for searching your (code)files, much like grep already does, but better. Ack is written in Perl and works on all major platforms, including Windows. To use Ack with Vim there’s this nice plugin called ack.vim. Install it together with App::Ack and you’re set to go. With a single command (:Ack [options] …

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Vim essentials: NERD Commenter

Another great Vim plugin I use is NERD Commenter. Using this plugin makes it easy to comment out lines of code with just a few keystrokes. By pressing <leader>cc or <leader>c<space> you can comment out your selection using a single comment character per line. With <leader>cm you can comment your selection with one set of multipart delimiters, though …

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