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So that’s what ShipIt is!

In the last year or so I’ve been noticing that a lot of Perl modules contain a .shipit file. As I had no clue what it was about I searched the internet to see what ShipIt was and were to get it. But as you can see Google (or any other search engine) doesn’t return a link that describes. The name seems to be very common.

I figured as much that it was used to package up a module and simplify doing releases to CPAN. As well as integration with your SCM.

But never, never ever(!), did I think about looking up the name ShipIt on CPAN till today. I don’t know why I did so, but perhaps it’s because I’m still not very used to Perl modules being named anything different than Some::Long::Module::Name. Weird thing is that ShipIt first saw the light in 2007 (probably earlier, but the changelog doesn’t contain dates) so it’s out there for quite some time now. I must say I like these more decent names, as long as it doesn’t get as out of hand as it is with Ruby gems… How they name every single small gem as if it’s some sort of big ass application is beyond me. But who am I to judge about naming.

But that’s not why I’m writing this post. The main reason is for people, like me, to get to know the tool. I’m looking forward to using it to manage my modules so I don’t have to worry about updating version numbers, tagging the release in my SCM, test the final package and upload it to CPAN (or not). I know Dist::Zilla does this and a whole lot more as well, but I like Module::Install better. At least for now.


One feature of Windows 7 I like is the new taskbar. At work I’ve configured it to only show the icons and this works surprisingly well. I can easily have multiple command line shells open. However, that is work. At home I’m using Windows Vista and the grouping feature in Windows XP and Vista at the toolbar is something I always turn off, as it annoys me to no end.

But when I’m working on some Perl related stuff I usually have multiple consoles open. One for my Catalyst test server, one for Gearman and another one for my Gearman worker. As mentioned earlier having multiple consoles open is a major pain in the ass on Windows Vista (or XP). So I’ve taken a quick look on the internet and found this lovely open source project called Console2.

Console2 is a simple but powerful tool. It allows me to have multiple consoles open with tabular navigation. Which results in only 1 window open. Yay!

Handy hands

As some might now I’ve been having issues with my hands for over 6 months now. A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to see a specialist and a bunch of blood tests and X-Rays were done. The verdict was that my joints have too much space to move in, causing friction which causes pain. To recover from this I need to do some physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles in my hands and arms. The muscles in turn will need to keep the joints better positioned.

Although I’m not convinced myself this diagnoses is correct, I’ll be doing the physiotherapy anyway. Personally I think the problem lies in the attachment of my tendons. But we’ll just have to see.

Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered somewhere mid-January. I’m afraid though this means I won’t be able to finish the first public version of Maximus by the end of this year.

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync 1.01 released

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync 1.01 was released today. Due to undocumented changes in the Cloud Files API the Sync application stopped working. Making backups and recovering them should now work again once more.

htbaapub.rackspacecloudfiles v1.08 released

I’ve updated htbaapub.rackspacecloudfiles to version 1.08 to support the undocumented changes to the Cloud Files API. This release depends on the version 1.04 of htbaapub.rest.