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Item #1 of bucket list done!

My my, I managed to finish something that was on my bucket list. I finished reading The Game Producer’s Handbook. So far the most expensive book I had bought (in this genre). The biggest part of the book didn’t really interest me, but nearing the end of the book it got better. The thing is, I’m interested in Indie Gamedev. This book mostly focuses on AAA titles. Which means big budgets and huge teams. Nevertheless it was an interesting read as it gives a nice insight in the work of a game producer.

htbaapub.mod licensed under MIT as of 1.07

I’ve just licensed all modules that are part of htbaapub.mod 1.07 under the MIT license.

All updates have been pushed to GitHub. Sqlbuilder.mod, which isn’t included in the htbaapub.mod repository because it isn’t finished, has also been released under the MIT License.

If you don’t use Git you can a full source download from here: 1.07 – Sources of all modules.

Ubuntu 9.10 and vmhgfs with open-vm-tools

So today I was busy configuring a install of Ubuntu 9.10 as a virtual server in VMWare to use as my home server for maintaining a Redmine installation, as well as hosting some old Subversion repositories and my private Git repositories. To my surprise vmware-tools did not work. Done a bit of searching and found out that 9.10 isn’t really compatible. It works fine in Ubuntu 8.04 by the way.

My main concern was that I couldn’t use the vmhgfs driver to mount directories on my host machine. It turns out open-vm-tools provides the same stuff as vmware-tools and is available in the Ubuntu repositories. Surprisingly after installing open-vm-tools and rebooting the vmhgfs wasn’t loaded, nor could I load it.

To get vmhgfs to work you need to do the following:


Go to SELECT. Mark open-vm in the list and go to OK. Then choose BUILD. Afterwards it’ll ask you to load the module. Answer with YES.

Next is setting up your mount point.

  1. span class=”st0″>".host:/ /mnt/hgfs vmhgfs auto,rw,exec,utf8 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

Something is probably wrong with my configuration as my share won’t mount at startup. So I edited /etc/rc.local to mount the file at startup. My rc.local looks a little bit like this:


Now reboot to make sure everything works as expected. It should.

htbaapub.mod updated to 1.06

htbaapub.mod got updated to version 1.06 today. This version contains a new module called process.mod.

Download htbaapub.mod 1.06 (contains source code of all modules)

New module process.mod

I’ve released a new module, process.mod, which is based on the process manager described in Mike McShaffry’s book Game Coding Complete, 3rd edition.

process.mod Is part of the htbaapub.mod modules collection and will be added soon to a new htbaapub.mod release.