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I’m going back to school!

A couple of months ago I made the decision to resign from my job so I could go back to school again and get myself a bachelors degree in computer science and perhaps after that a master degree. After talking it through with my boss (I’ve been working fulltime for almost 4 years now) we came to the agreement that instead of resigning I could keep working for the company based on a zero-hour contract.

Meaning that in my spare time, and if time allows it e.g. studying for exams, I can work on some client or internal projects. Aside from that I’ll still be providing maintenance services for the webservers we’re running. That way the company can keep providing its services to its customers and I still get a little bit of income to pay my bills and stuff like that.

Other bonuses should include the companies annual Christmas dinner party and working from home. Which I both like, and the latter probably most. And being a student again means having lots of school vacations as well.

So, going back to school after working 4+ years is going to be quite a change and maybe a challenge as well. We’ll see. I’m super excited and curious about what the future will bring. One could say this is my biggest change (goal even) for 2011!

Only thing that could mess up my plans are my messed up hands. The pain in the bones and joints is actually getting worse again since 2 weeks ago. Although the possible cause has been identified, and that’s a HUGE lack of┬ávitamin-D. So I’m currently restocking on that now and hoping that will fix my health problems. I’ve got till the 1st of July because that’s when my full-time contract will be changed to a zero-hour contract and only 8 weeks after that or so my study will commence.

Handy hands

As some might now I’ve been having issues with my hands for over 6 months now. A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to see a specialist and a bunch of blood tests and X-Rays were done. The verdict was that my joints have too much space to move in, causing friction which causes pain. To recover from this I need to do some physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles in my hands and arms. The muscles in turn will need to keep the joints better positioned.

Although I’m not convinced myself this diagnoses is correct, I’ll be doing the physiotherapy anyway. Personally I think the problem lies in the attachment of my tendons. But we’ll just have to see.

Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered somewhere mid-January. I’m afraid though this means I won’t be able to finish the first public version of Maximus by the end of this year.

Stupid hands of mine

I feel like I should blog a bit more, but generally don’t have much to say at the moment. Which has 2 causes I think. The first is that small things end up on Twitter and the second is that I can’t get much done anyway since I’ve been having trouble with my hands. This problem with my hands is already annoying me for 6 months and I still have to wait 1 more month before a specialist at the hospital will take a look at it. To be honest, I don’t really expect anything to result from the tests to come.

Aside from it influencing my hobbies it also influences my job. I can’t get stuff done as quick, or at all, as I used to. Luckily my boss says he understands and wants me to take it easy and look out for my health. But, as a fellow programmer I ask you: how do you program slow? For me that’s not really possible. I either write code, or not at all; 1 or 0. I can’t code “slow”.

It’s really starting to piss me off though and the pain is starting to get worse. Already whilst typing this I’ve being taking a few breaks. I really want to spend some time in investigating Ext.JS and Node.JS. It’s also time to finish the last bits of Maximus-web so we can finally do some beta testing with it. I also miss playing the guitar regularly. On a good day I can play 5 to 10 minutes. After that I can forget about it for some days.

I’m afraid all I can do is take it slow and hope my next hospital visit will bring some good news.