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The Google Plus-YouTube Debacle

On the 6th of November, Google changed its YouTube property to only allow comments from Google Plus accounts. Google seemed giddy as they added YouTube into one of their circles, although in the wake of the change, the masses have come out of the woodwork, making it clear that they would much rather use the above mentioned circles to strangle anything Google Plus-related. Now I am usually all for the idea of change, and find that complaining about website changes is rather tiresome and serves no real purpose. Evolution of websites is a good thing, YouTube is constantly evolving, which is why we always see slight changes. If something isn’t evolving, it is dead, and no one wants YouTube to die, now do they?

In the fast-paced world of today, where technology is growing greater by the day, the consumer is constantly faced with a large number of alternatives that serve similar functions. Due to this very reason, if a product is against change, it will surely be forgotten, and ultimately replaced by a newer, more exciting model. We don’t need to be reminded about the untouchable Internet Explorer of the past, which after many years of greatness, is now only really used as a tool to download a better browser. This was the approach that I took with the latest changes to YouTube, staying open-minded, believing that the only way is up, surely? This may still be the case, although there are definitely some massive flaws to be found here.

The first, and probably most justified, is the fact that YouTube now requires you to use your own name. Taking a look at the recent United States NSA scandal, online privacy has definitely become one of the most talked about topics. People now view the internet like some www.jackgold.com casino, gambling as to whether your private information truly is private. It seems that forcing people to comment using their real names, attached to their Google Plus social networking account, probably wasn’t one of the smartest moves. Added to this, the clever people of the internet have found a way around this, unless that really was Obama, Jesus and Michael Jackson somehow commenting.

Another massive flaw comes in the freedom of commenting. It is now possible for people to post any kind of link as well as dabble in the wonders ASCII art. If I didn’t know better, I would say that the people who approved these changes, don’t quite understand how the internet works. Perhaps if we lived in a world where the only trolls still lived under bridges, this would make complete sense, although unfortunately, this is not the case. Expect a comment section filled with interesting shapes that resemble certain human organs, as well as links that may take you to gasp-worthy parties which include lemons.

By Jason