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Free to Play and Online Gaming

Online gaming is everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a good PC/Console game or a good online bingo site, there’s something for everyone. More and more these days it seems that developers are shifting towards the Free to Play model.

A lot of the Free to Play games really aren’t free to play. Sure, you’ll be able to play for free to a certain extent. But as soon as you get the hang of it most developers want you to purchase extra skills, levels or accessories. You are of course free to decide if you purchase all these extras. The thing is that these free games can quickly become more expensive than a normal game you would’ve bought from your local retail store. One baffling example is the free to play Theme Park game on iOS. You basically get to build one ride and shop, and after that you’ll have to pay big bucks to get new rides and shops. This causes the game to be a lot more expensive than usual. Basically you get to play a very short demo.

I’m not against the free to play model, but it should make sense and not be aimed to rip off the customer. A game like Tribes: Ascend for PC does it right in my opinion. You get to play the full game by unlocking (most) stuff by putting in a lot of hours. Don’t have the time? Then purchase the unlocks. For now a lot of free to play games are stripped down demo’s and I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Time will tell if the free to play model will survive. I think it will as long as a developer doesn’t overdo it with the in game purchase options. My personal preference though is to buy a game. That way there won’t be any surprises and you (hopefully) get what you pay for. It’s also a lot more honest towards the customer, whether it’s a game you play online on a website or a normal console game, you know what you’ll have to pay upfront.

Why more people aren’t using Ubuntu

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re the only Ubuntu user in your office, or in your group of friends, then you’re not alone. The free, powerful operating system, built on the Linux framework, is not only available to everyone for the sum total of zero anything, but is also adaptable, fast, and capable of satisfying even the most demanding user.

However, there are a number of issues which may put people off, or are why they simply don’t even know about Linux, let alone Ubuntu.

1) Market visibility

The problem with open source is that not only are you not Microsoft, and therefore the default operating system for almost every pre-built computer in the world whether the user is a handset engineer for o2 or a novelist, but you’re also not able to put out advertising or push Ubuntu into people’s awareness.

2) Linux’s “complex” reputation

Linux is known for being the least simple and straight-forward operating system out of Windows, Mac OSX and itself. Whether or not this is actually true is highly debatable. However, its reputation isn’t being changed by the legions who use it, and as it is rarely introduced into office environments for use by staff who aren’t working in the IT department, it seems like it could do with a bit of a jumpstart in the “it’s actually quite easy” department, given that it is no more complex than any other OS.

3) Accessibility

PC companies, I’m sure, would love nothing more than to lose money by offering Linux installs instead of Windows. Sarcasm aside, Ubuntu is something you’d search for, but not something you’d be presented with. The tech press needs to do a better job of opening people’s eyes to the potential of open source platforms, and users helping out can never be a bad thing either. After all, it’s free, easier on your hardware, and extremely capable, scaling with your IT skill level. What’s not to like?