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I’ve listed all current projects over here.


A module manager for BlitzMax, consisting of a website containing lots of modules, and a client for installing and upgrading modules. More information can be found on the Maximus page.

Rackspace Cloud Files Sync

An online backup tool. This project is open-source and the code is available at GitHub. There’s also a worklog at blitzmax.com. More information can be found on the Rackspace Cloud Files Sync page.


A collection of free open-source BlitzMax modules hosted at GitHub. Currently modules are available for XML-RPC, Fuzzy logic, Rackspace Cloud Files, Factory building, Finite State Machines, Goal Based Agents, Process management, REST interfacing and simple SQL Query Building. There’s also a worklog at blitzmax.com.

A number of these modules were moved out of htbaa.mod, which is a collection of modules that are currently not available for the public. Some of these modules might get released some day, such as Fuzzy State Machines, Messaging and Entity Management.

CPAN Modules

I’m a CPAN author with a couple of modules under my belt.