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Game Coding Complete, 3rd edition

Game Coding Complete, 3rd editionLast Thursday I’ve made my first purchase over at Amazon and was happily surprised it arrived today. That’s the fastest delivery time I’ve experienced from a webshop not located in my country! So kudos to that.

Game Coding Complete, 3rd edition was what got delivered at my house. I’ve only skimmed through some pages and so far I like what I see. It’s quite a big book with 908 pages so I’m afraid it’s going to take me a while to finish it.

I ordered the book because although I’ve got quite a bit of programming experience, I don’t have much experience in programming games. Sure, I did a couple of small games and prototypes but never gotten much further than that. Since the author, Mike McShaffry, is quite the veteran I thought, why not learn from one of the best?

The book has lots of examples and am eager to start reading it.

Twitter update?

I’m checking if my freshly installed Twit-update plugin works. If all is well it should have added a new tweet to my account.

Now all you faithful followers will be updated when I post a new blog entry or edit one!

New website launched

So I’ve finally decided to do something useful with my website!

I’ve been planning to writing my own CMS to maintain my website from day one. Thing is, due to my day job taking up 40+ hours a week I don’t have much time to focus on this. Besides, my day job is web development so I really don’t have much energy nor motivation left to write a CMS. I figured others already did the hard part for me so instead, why not use what’s out there?

I’ve taken a look at MoveableType, which has a very nice admin panel, but installing it on a shared hosting provider is a bit of a pain so I ended up testing it in VMWare. Because of bad Perl support in shared webhosting land I wasn’t really looking forward to all the headaches updating would give me.

So what’s next? I had used WordPress a couple of years ago. Didn’t really like it, nor the interface nor the codebase. I was very surprised to see the new admin panel. Very easy to use just like MoveableType. The big pro for WordPress is it’s ease of installation, and the amount of themes and plugins.

At the moment I’m busy setting up all the pages. I plan on using this site to keep you updated on all my projects, be it games, applications or my BlitzMax user libraries. But I’ll also use the blog for my hobbies, which include guitar playing, Atari Jaguar, my dog and what not :-).

For now, this post is long enough me thinks!