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My Gear

Behold my gear! Most of my gear has been bought at my local guitar shop De Snaar and from the great guys at Thomann.


ESP LTD Viper 200-FM

This is my main guitar. Its shape resembles that of a SG but to be honest I like this model much better. It plays very smooth and has a great sound.

Richwood Stallion Standard RE-50

This was my first electric guitar, together with a Volcano GL-15 amplifier (which if you turned it up a bit louder would distort by itself :-P). It’s a cheap guitar, badly adjusted and has lowsy pickups. Am thinking about replacing the pickups and give it some proper adjusting. But am really not too sure yet.

Washburn D-10-SCE-N

My second western guitar. It plays wonderfully easy and has such a nice and warm sound. It has a build in tuner which comes in handy. Like my Nashville this one has a pickup as well, but the difference being that it’s better and is battery powered.

Nashville Western

My first “real” guitar. I started with a € 20,- piece of shit from a cheap store. It broke within a week, the second one as well. I decided I wanted to continue learning the guitar so I picked this one up. Not too expensive but was nice to begin with. It’s not an easy guitar to play on and compared to my Washburn the sound isn’t too great. It could use some adjusting as well as the higher notes add a ringing sound to it, which isn’t pretty.

Amp, effects, etc.

VOX Valvetronix AD50VT + VOX VFS2

Excellent amplifier which replaced my starter amplifier, a Volcano GL-15. This one is from the first series. The second series contain twice as much amplifier models. Even though I was tempted to get it I didn’t as this amplifier gives a wide enough range for different sounds. It can get extremely loud or very soft and still maintain a good sound, without distortion. Amazing amplifier!

Behringer MS40

I got this speaker set (Behringer MS40) for my Pandora and V-Amp 2 and I’m very fond of it. The sound quality is amazing and has a nice selection of input possibilities. Cool thing is that it supports 2 input channels of which the volume can be altered separately from each other.

Roland Cube Lite

Roland Cube Lite

I bought the Roland Cube Lite to have a portable amp to play on when in the living room. Some cool features of it are that you can hook up your iPod Touch and play along with your favorite songs all through the same speaker. And if you use toe iOS app you can even record yourself playing along a song. Another nice feature of the app is that you can mark a section of a song to loop over.

There are three amp models included: JC Clean, Crunch and Extreme. For effects there is the choice of Chorus or Reverb. There’s also a knob for Drive, Volume, Bass and Treble. For your input audio device there’s also a volume knob.

KORG Pandora PX5D + 2 PS-1 foot switches

Great device to practice with, has a legion of different amplifiers, effects and presets and the phrase trainer is cool as well. Expensive toy but well worth the money.

Behringer V-AMP 2

I no longer use this one as my PX5D replaced it. I’ll sell it to you if you want it. For a decent price of course!


Everybody should have a Wah-Wah. This one is great.