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Bucket List

My head gets clodded with lots of ideas and things I want or need to do. So much that I decided I need to create a list. This list should never be fully finished and only new stuff should be added. So no, this isn’t really a bucket list; more a Todo list. Finished stuff will be moved to the Finished list and if possible or applicable I’ll add the date to it as well..

I’ve given a couple of goals, in a way, a deadline by adding the year in bold in which I plan to finish something. When bold and italic it’s a goal I hope to finish that year but most certainly won’t :-). Those without a year in front of them are long term goals. Some of them I’ll probably never complete.When discarded I’ll move them to the Failed list.



  • 12-2013 Get familiar with PostgreSql and its tools
  • 01-08-2013 Start freelancing
    • I’m now the proud owner of Kras IT.
  • 06-2013 Learn Python
    • Only covered some basics but Python is easy enough to get going quickly. That being said I’m not too fond of it as I was missing some pretty basic functions which I think should be available in some core package.
  • 04-2013 Learn Go
  • 08-12-2012 Learn about MySQL replication
  • 11-2012 Familiarize myself with the new features in PHP 5.3 and 5.4
  • 11-2012 Learn Java
    • Again, I won’t say I’ve mastered it. But the language is easy enough to pickup and have done several small projects in it, one of them is an implementation of Conways Game of Life with some variations.
  • 17-09-2012 Learn CoffeeScript
  • 06-05-2012 Get Raspberry Pi
  • 29-01-2012 Check out ZeroMQ
    • Unfortunately it can’t communicate with normal sockets, but that’s fine. Just something one should know about though!
    • Wrote a BlitzMax module for it: htbaapub.zmq
  • 12-2011 Learn about functional programming
    • Started with reading about and trying out Haskell, but haven’t done enough with it yet though.
    • At school we are using Amanda for Discrete Math, which is what Haskell is inspired by.
    • Still learning, and haven’t done a whole lot with both of them, but will be during the coming months.
  • 12-2011 Learn C#
    • I don’t want to say I’ve mastered C#. Far from it. But the last 5 months of 2011 I’ve had to use it at school for several assignments.
    • Experimented with XNA as well and made a small racing game with a group of other students.
    • Still learning!
  • 17-11-2011 Check out Arduino
    • Got to try one at school. Fun stuff! Might consider buying one myself one very soon as well.
  • 08-05-2011 Finish and launch the first feature complete version of Maximus
  • 20-03-2011 Move brandweeruren.nl over to my VPS
  • 19-03-2011 Move forum.pcc-online.net over to my VPS
  • 23-01-2011 Launched meldpuntdierenleed.nl, a small page with links to the officials of where to report animal cruelty
  • 08-09-2010 Figure out Postfix to get a better understanding of it
    • My boss ordered Postfix: The Definitive Guide which was a great help and clarified stuff up a lot!
    • For my own Postfix mail server setup I’ve used Dovecot as my POP3/IMAP client.
  • 22-08-2010 Finish Final Fantasy VII
    • Finally finished it! Approximately finished it within 45-hours. Truly an epic story!
  • 21-08-2010 Commit myself to write weekly Perl blog posts for the Perl Iron Man Challenge
    • This one is of course never really finished, but so far I’ve managed to keep this up for 2 months and will continue to do so
  • 19-08-2010 Finish reading Programming in Lua
  • 17-08-2010 Finish reading Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity
    • Excellent book. This is indeed a must read.
  • 07-08-2010 Finish Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
    • Awesome game! How it was weaved together with FF VII was amazing. Ending was stunning.
  • 07-2010 Learn about load-balancing (web)servers with load-balancing proxy servers and worker queues
  • 06-2010 Actively contribute to some open source project(s)
    • Currently doing Maximus, the BlitzMax Module Manager
    • Currently maintaining several Perl modules, available from CPAN
    • Currently maintaining several BlitzMax modules (htbaapub.mod)
  • 01-2010 Join or form a band: Not officially a band, but have been playing regularly now
  • 18-01-2010 Finish reading Game Producer’s Handbook

Failed or Cancelled

  • Enter Google Summer of Code
    I’ve started my own company which makes it harder to do the GSoC. My priorities have changed so I decided to let this one go.
  • Get a working PC-DC server setup for Dreamcast networking
    Not using the Dreamcast a lot anymore.
  • Check out developing for Dreamcast
    Don’t really do much (or anything) with my Dreamcast anymore.
  • Rewrite brandweeruren.nl
    I decided to only maintain the current website to provide the current users a working product. I no longer have any plans on rewriting it. I did made it Plack/PSGI compatible so testing and deployment has become easier for me.
  • Follow an Oracle DB course
    Done a few chapters… Quite boring so far, nothing substantially new. So decided to kill it off. 2010 Also didn’t turn out to be the year to do this kind of stuff.
  • Learn about clustering a MySQL database
    This is not something I’m going to run into anytime soon.
  • Learn and utilize CouchDB
    Sorry, lost interest. Maybe some other time.
  • Create a private software application to categorize financial transactions for a bank account
    This turned out to be impossible. The bank no longer providers the required transaction data which would be used by this application.
  • Create a Symbian S60 application
    Scrapped it because I no longer care.