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I, Christiaan Kras, hide in the shadows of the internet under the nickname Htbaa. I was born and raised in Heerenveen, The Netherlands, and still live there. I’ve been a professionally employed (web)application programmer, responsible for the full package (design, develop, manage Linux servers etc.). These days I’m a freelance programmer running my own company Kras IT and recently I’ve launched my first product HTML2PDF Web Service. I’m doing this part-time as I’m currently busy getting my bachelors degree in computer engineering. With all that I do I can be considered a jack of all trades.

In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, playing games (on both Xbox Live and PSN I can be found as Htbaa, on Wii U as HtbaaU, hit me up sometime), walking and training my dog and of course doing a bit of (web)application/game programming. Blogging has become rather fun as well. I’m also on Twitter! There are also more ways to contact me.

Programming languages

Below is a list of programming languages I’ve worked or work with in no particular order. But of course you can understand why Perl is listed first :-). Aside from these languages I’m also interested in some others such as Haskell.

The list is actually larger, but some just aren’t relevant anymore. I strongly believe a programmer should be able to manage no matter what the language is. It’s all about concepts, the language itself is mostly syntax.

Other than that I have experience with managing both Linux desktops and servers. I also manage MySQL databases on a regular basis and have used SQLite occasionally as well.

Aside from databases and programming languages I also do HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Also available in my skill set is experience with a number of frameworks such as MooTools, jQuery, Backbone.jsCatalyst, Mojolicious, Zend Framework, Symfony2Template-Toolkit and Smarty.